About Us

C.H. Symington & Co., Inc. was incorporated in 1949 in Detroit, Michigan. The company supplied the three major car manufacturers in the area with welding wire and welding rods.

In late 1989, William W. Khoury acquired the company from Thomas J. Bronco, owner and CEO. At the end of 1990, the company was relocated to Ohio. The head office is in Dublin, Ohio and the manufacturing facility and warehouse is located in Carroll, Ohio (30 miles southeast of Dublin).

Today, C.H. Symington manufactures and distributes Symex gouging equipment worldwide through 500 welding distributors, servicing foundries, shipyards, railroads and fabrication plants.

Symington is a privately owned company dedicated to providing quality products at competitive prices. Our goal is to service our customers promptly and efficiently.



Main Office
6063 Frantz Road, Ste. 103
Dublin, Ohio 43017
Phone: (614) 766-2602
FAX: (614) 766-2715
E-Mail: symex@aol.com

10 Point Street
Carroll, Ohio 43112
Phone: (740) 756-4000
FAX: (740) 756-4100
E-Mail: chs.usamade@yahoo.com