Torch and Cable Features

Spool Assembly

All Symex torches are equipped with an air shut-off valve (spool assembly) which is manufactured with a brass center and two replaceable nylon buttons. This allows the spool assembly to be repaired, if damaged, rather than replacing the entire assembly.

Symex Cables

Symex cables are made of the highest quality materials. All S-3, S-5, and S-15 cables come equipped with high quality copper wire ropes and double wall thickness covers, designed to take the normal abuse of a fabricator or foundry environment. The S-3 and S-15 cables feature a 360° swivel. S-5 and S-66 cables are available with a 340° swivel.

Studded Female Connector

As an option, the studded female connector comes equipped with a serrated nut for immediate connection to a power source. Welder downtime is substantially reduced. This feature applies to the S-3, S-5 and S-15 cables.

Long Boot

The optional long boot protects the power and air connections from exposure to sparks and molten metals. This eliminates the need to tape the connections.

Symex Terminator Head

This innovative design, introduced in 1995 after extensive research, gives the welder/operator many advantages including:

  • deeper, cleaner gouge
  • better slag removal
  • faster operating time

The Terminator Head fits our S-3S-5S-15 and S-66 gouging torches. We also offer the conventional 3-hole head.

Twist-Valve Bonnet Assembly

  • Allows you to turn the air on in degrees
  • Passes more air than the conventional air-valve
  • Creates a positive shut-off

The new Twist-Valve is a unique adjustable air valve. It directly replaces the standard push/pull valve. The old-style push/pull valve is either on or off. The new twist-valve allows you to turn the air on in degrees.

Because of its flow-through design, when the twist-valve is fully on, it passes more air than the conventional air-valve.

The twist-valve will fit our S-3S-5 and S-15 torches.

10160 Twist-Valve Bonnet Assembly
10164 O-Ring
10165 Flat Washer
10166 Tension Spring
10167 Twist-Valve Stem
10168 Bonnet

To add the Twist-Valve assembly to your torch, insert the parts starting with the Stem first. Do not over tighten the Bonnet as it will lock the Twist-Valve stem.