Symex HOT ROD Torch


  • Safety lock trigger
  • 100% unrestricted oxygen flow
  • Easy-grip handle for maximum control
  • Solid, functional metal hand-shield
  • 100% brass internal parts
  • Easy-grip brass tightening nut
  • Interchangeable 1/4" and 3/8" O.D. brass collets.

The Q.C. HOT ROD Can Help

The Q.C. HOT ROD is the most innovative exothermic cutting tool available. The HOT ROD can melt or pierce virtually any material. The specially designed internal configuration makes the HOT ROD the most productive, cost-efficient, cutting rod available. The internal case gives the operator a smooth even burn and an unrestricted flow to blow material away from the cut. The HOT-ROD can melt all steels from mild carbon to stainless steel. The HOT ROD can melt any exotic metal such as aluminum, magnesium, brass, copper, etc. The HOT ROD will even melt concrete. The advantage of using the HOT ROD exothermic lance over an oxy-acetylene torch is that there is no need for pre-heating or cleaning the material to cut it. Make easy work of renovation or demolition. Repair equipment and bridges. The Q.C. HOT ROD can solve many of your cutting problems.


  • The Q.C. HOT ROD, with flared tip, can be purchased in 3/8" (.375) outside diameter. This outside diameter has proven to be the most efficient size for small exothermic cutting lances. The Q.C. HOT ROD can be purchased in 2,3 and 4 foot lengths.

The real advantage to the Q.C. HOT ROD is that you can couple the rod lengths together and move as far away from the work as you desire.

Connect Quick Couple for extended length

  • The STANDARD HOT ROD, without flared end, can also be purchased in 1/4" (.250) outside diameter, for use with the HOT ROD Torch. Standard HOT RODs are also available in 2, 3, and 4 foot lengths. Sections cannot be connected for extended lengths.


  • NO WASTED ROD - With the new Q.C. HOT ROD the entire rod is consumed and none of the rod is wasted.
  • BEST PIERCING ROD - With the free-flow of oxygen through the Q.C. HOT ROD you can pierce much more rapidly than all other exothermic rods. By coupling the Q.C. HOT ROD together you can pierce a hole to any depth you desire.
  • NO CARBON RESIDUE - With the Q.C. HOT ROD you can obtain a clean, precise cut or gouge with no carbon residue left to grind before welding.
  • CUTTING EDGE - The Q.C. HOT ROD is an ideal tool for putting a cutting edge on loaders. The Q.C. HOT ROD can burn through dirt and rust on all machinery.
  • PORTABILITY - The Q.C. HOT ROD can be used to cut in areas that are hard to reach with a torch. The Q.C. HOT ROD can be used in remote out-of-the-way places.
  • ABSOLUTE BEST APPLICATION - The Q.C. HOT ROD is great for piercing large bolt, cut rivets, cut stubborn nuts from large bolts easily and efficiently.
  • FAST TO OPERATE - Using the Q.C. HOT ROD requires no special training. The set-up is very simple.

Just insert the non-flared end of the Q.C. HOT ROD
into the easy-grip brass tightening nut.

Turn the brass nut clockwise to tighten. 
The HOT ROD is secured and ready to use.


Turn on the oxygen, strike the HOT ROD
against a striker plate and cut.