Foundry Torch: S-66 Triple Action Foundry Torch

The SYMEX “Terminator Head” is a standard feature on six S-66 models (30036, 30046, 30056, 40036, 40046 and 40056). This unique head design concentrates air for:

  • deeper, cleaner gouge
  • better slag removal
  • faster operating time
  • Removes defects
  • Wash pads with ease
  • Manufactured in Ohio
  • Perform general purpose cleaning operations

The SYMEX S-66 torch is engineered for heavy foundry applications. It is actually a triple action torch.

The S-66 consists of a heavy duty body that can accommodate heads to:

  • remove defects
  • wash pads with ease
  • perform general purpose cleaning operations

The S-66 can be equipped with either a standard 7’ air-cooled cable or a 7’ water-cooled cable. An optional 10’ air-cooled or water-cooled cable is available.

The S-66 torch can be equipped with an air-valve or can be purchased with no valve. With the no-valve torch, the air consumption is 65cfm which means faster metal removal. With an air-valve, the air consumption is 50cfm

The 340º swivel cable supplies both power and air to the “Triple Action” torch. It prevents cable twisting minimizing cable damage. SYMEX cables are made of the highest quality material available.

The water-cooled cable is non-swivel. It is designed to allow the flow of water around the copper conductor, minimizing overheating during heavy gouging applications

The S-66 will accommodate electrode sizes ranging from 3/8” up to 1”. The following is the part number for each torch assembly and parts breakdown:

S-66 for 3/8” thru 3/4’’ 30036 40036 20607
S-66 for 3/8’’, 1/2’’ and 5/8’’ 30046 40046 20607
S-66 for 3/4’’ 30056 40056 20607
S-66 for 1’’ 30066 40066 20607

Note: 40059, 40060, 40078 and 40089 torches are equipped with a No-Air-Valve. 
Extra heavy duty cable is also available.