Gouging Torch: S-15 General Purpose Torch

  • With 15° handle
  • 360° Swivel Cable
  • Manufactured in Ohio
  • Same unique features as Symex S-3/S-5 torches

The S-15 torch is designed for general purpose gouging applications. The S-15 torch is used by:

  • Fabricators, tank shops, shipyards, heavy industrial plants, construction firms, quarries and mines.
  • For plate edge preparation, back/gouging welds, removal of old or defective welds.
  • Ideal for repair and general maintenance of equipment.

The torch will accommodate round electrodes ranging in size from 5/32” (3.97mm) through 1/2” (12.7mm) and flat electrode sizes 3/8” x 5/32” x 12” and 5/8” x 3/16” x 12”.

The S-15 torch is rated up to 1000 amperes. The following is the Part # for each torch assembly and parts breakdown:

S-15 Torch w/3-Hole Head 30003 40003
S-15 Torch w/Terminator Head 30005 40005
S-15 Torch w/Terminator Head, 7’ 360° Cable, Long Boot 40007
S-15 Torch w/Terminator Head, 10’ 360° Cable, Standard Boot 40008
S-15 Torch w/Terminator Head, 10’ 360° Cable, Long Boot 40009
S-15 7’ Cable w/Standard Boot 20658
S-15 10’ Cable w/Standard Boot 20635
S-15 7’ Cable w/Long Boot 20628
S-15 10’ Cable w/Long Boot 20637
**Also available is an S-15 with a 20658 cable, no valve, and either a 3-hole head (P/N 40002) or terminator head (P/N 40006).