Symex Torches

S-66 Foundry Torch

The SYMEX S-66 torch is engineered for heavy foundry applications. It is actually a triple action torch.

The S-66 consists of a heavy duty body that can accommodate heads to:

  • remove defects
  • wash pads with ease
  • perform general purpose cleaning operations

Hot Rod Torch

Our exothermic cutting torch provides safe, fast and efficient cutting.

Features include:

  • Safety lock trigger
  • 100% unrestricted oxygen flow
  • 100% brass internal parts


Gouging Torches

For gouging, cutting, beveling, piercing and flushing metal, a Symex Gouging Torch removes most kinds of metal

Tha "Air-Carbon-Arc" gouging process is more economical than burning, chipping, grinding, etc. This method cuts or gouges metal by melting base metal with an electric arc and blowing away molten metal with high velocity compressed air. Since this is a physical (not chemical) process, our gouging torches can be used on most metals with minimum deformation because of their low heat input.

All torches will accommodate round and flat electrodes. By using flat electrodes, the following are some applications:

  • Selective scarfing of carbon and low alloy steel billets
  • Removing surface cracks from dies providing a smooth base for new deposit
  • Removing hardfacing

S-3 Gouging Torch

  • Used by fabricators, tank shops, shipyards, heavy industrial plants, construction firms, quarries, mines
  • For plate edge preparation, back-gouging welds, removal of old or defective welds
  • Ideal for repair and maintenance of equipment

S-5 Gouging Torch

  • Removes old welds from most metals
  • Used by steel foundries to cut off risers and gate pads
  • Removes defects, fins, nails and other sprue far faster than other cleaning methods

S-15 Gouging Torch

  • With 15° handle
  • 360° Swivel Cable
  • Manufactured in Ohio
  • Same unique features as Symex S-3/S-5 torches

Torch and Cable Features

  • Spool Assembly
  • Cables
  • Studded Female Connector
  • Long Boot
  • Terminator Head
  • Twist-Valve Bonnet Assembly

Interchangeable Parts

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  • S-3/K-3 Cable Interchangeable Parts List
  • S-15/K-4000 Torch Interchangeable Parts List
  • S-15/K-4000 Cable Interchangeable Parts List
  • S-66 TRIPLE ACTION TORCH Tri-Arc Torch Interchangeable Parts List