Star-Trac III - Automatic Gouging Torch

  • Compressed air is turned on automatically when the system is switched to the "on" position.
  • Designed for continuous gouging of long seams in the manufacturing of ships, pressure vessel tanks, bridges, etc.
  • High resolution voltage control capability regulates accurate gouging depth to a machine-like tolerance of ± .015" (.04mm) even over a warped plate
  • Can be mounted on a travel system such as a BUG-O unit or similar equipment with a holding capacity of at least 20lbs. (9.07kg)
  • Total weight of system less travel equipment (carriage and track) is 20lbs.
  • Equipped to work with 5/16" to 5/8" Symex jointed "Secur-Fit" gouging electrodes up to 1200 amps
  • Ideally suited for out-of-position work due to its light weight
  • Input voltage of the control unit is: Single Phase: AC 115V 50/60Hz 100W. Also available in 230V